Phandalin, Second Chances

"I want to talk to the person in charge..."
Episode 4

The party had rescued Lord Darius from the hands of orc barbarians and survived an attack by AJAX. They returned to Conberry to collect Djerik and clear his and Giluvian’s name with Lady Evelyn.

Talon, Lord Darius’ sword was missing but Chase relinquished his copy from the future. Lady Evelyn dropped the charges and Searos requested permission to open a shop in the market place. She agreed and gave them the deed to a small abandoned shop in the lower rent district.

The thieves guild contacted Searos and informed him there was a ‘protection fee’ for operating within the marketplace. They told him that if he were to join the thieves guild they would wave the fee but he would need to prove he was a thief in order to accomplish that.

He was given a job to collect 25g from a local baker who was delinquent on payments. Todd, the Baker lived just outside the city in a small home with his two young sons. Searos hid inside the home by dropping himself down the chimney. He cast Hold Person on Todd and held one of his boys hostage as he interrogated him. The interrogation turned up some suspicious information but Searos seemed intent on collecting the 25g and warned Todd that if he didn’t have the gold in a week’s time he would be ‘dealt with’ more harshly.

Captain China used his brooch of number numbing on a small antique dealer to swindle her out of 112g and an ‘expensive’ Ming vase. He requested Searos help him hide/sell the vase and then left town before the old antique dealer was aware of the foul play. Searos asked the thieves guild to hide this item for him until he returned. They obliged but seemed to know where this vase came from…

The party departed and headed towards the undead cave to see why Dark Elves were now exiting the cave on a regular basis. One the way there they rescued a priestess of Eilistraee and met the wandering gypsy Matilda again.

Now they camp outside near the cave entrance deciding on their next course of action.

"Cursed items are discounted heavily."
Episode 3

The party was reunited in Conberry. After gaining some intelligence from the locals they set out to try and determine what happened to Lord Darius and his men.

Before leaving town Searos attempted to leave some signals that he was attempting to contact the local Thieves Guild.

The party encountered a small, elderly gypsy woman with a cart full of mysterious object in the woods ahead of them. The cart seemed to be pushing itself but upon closer inspection there was ‘something’ very large pushing the cart that appeared invisible.

The elderly gypsy identified herself as ’Matilda" and said she was a seller of magical oddities that had yet to find their true owners. The party purchased various items, both cursed and uncursed. One item in particular Matilda claimed was especially dark and evil. It was a small robot named R.O.B.I.

R.O.B.I. told the party that he was an intelligent construct and could not remember who created him. He was able to assume three different modes of operation that could assist in combat, construction or reconnaissance.

The party continued searching for Lord Darius and came across a camp of Orc discussing selling off a captive vs killing him. The party assumed this was Lord Darius and attacked the orc barbarians.

No sooner had the last orc fallen as the party was approached by a large metallic figure. The figure stepped into the camp light and identified itself as A.J.A.X.-001. The figure proceeded to announce ‘Target Identified’ and began to advance on the party. Giluvian fired two arrows into A.J.A.X.-001 and caused him to activate an emergency teleport to an unknown location to ‘repair’.

"It's an arcane lock, I'm sure you can figure it out...."
Episode 2

The party was split into four group with four very different problems.

Searos and Aurak made camp with the followers of Eilistraee. Searos managed to get himself invited back to Mariela’s tent while Aurak enjoyed a late meal with the camp followers. Shortly after, the camp came under attack by the Daughters of Lloth led by Driders. Upon fighting off the assault the followers managed to escape on wagons and head towards the nearby town of Conberry.

Adrie set off to meet with Agatha with Hamon and Lana accompanying her. Agatha offered to help her locate one companion. Adrie chose Jim. Agatha was able to confirm that Jim was alive but he was “locked in a cage, somewhere North”. Adrie decided she should seek out Ro Ron Del to try and determine what to do next. She set off for the Pact of Phandelver.

GIluvian and Djerik found themselves in a holding cell located in the Barrack compound of Phandalin. Mercyshade visited them secretly and informed them that Furball, Giluvian’s wolf, had come to the grove looking for him. Mercy spoke to Furball and determined that Giluvian and Djerik were telling the truth. She assisted them in escaping the compound after some interesting close calls. Djerik mounted a horse, eventually, and rode off into the night towards Conberry. Giluvian glimped Mercyshade being taken into custody as she attempted to reason with Lady Evelyn at the manor.

Captain China had Ro Ron Del before him. He began to describe the events of the future and the threat of Trafalgar. Before he could get very far a voice came over the loud speaker summoning Captain China and Ro to the Pact meeting room. Ro said it was Trafalgar’s voice and he was unsure if they have been overheard. Captain China, in a panic, cast Hold Person on Ro Ron Del and attempted to escape with him as a hostage. Trafalger and his apprentice approached Captain China but he cast Dimension Door and fled to the portal room. Ro Ron Del hinted that Captain China should step onto the portal.

Adrie entered the Pact of Phandelver and was discussing the purchase of a robotic Ditten as alarms sounded and all of the merchant stands closed down. She caught site of Captain China with a frozen half orc being carried out of a Pact building. Captain China released the spell on Ro and he informed Adrie and Captain China that they needed to flee. With all of the exits sealed shut, Ro pointed out they could escape through the ventilation system if Captain China could open the arcane lock on the door.

Captain China opened the arcane lock the only way he felt comfortable with, Fireball. The lock was destroyed, the service bots guarding the door were destroyed and the door opened. Ro produced a magic carpet from his satchel and all three boarded and set off through the ventilation system door. The tunnel they traveled through had a seemingly endless drop below them. As service bots attacked them with magic missiles they rockets through the shaft towards the exit. As they exited the complex Ro set them on a course for the nearest settlement they could blend into, Conberry.

"I'll help you master!!"
Episode 1

Phandalin was in ruins. An unknown force had assaulted the town and laid waste to everything in its path. Former friends and allies lay broken among the collapsed buildings. Sildar Hallwinter was found injured at the door to the town hall being attended to by Yeemik the goblin.

Sildar told the party that Venomfang, the young green dragon in the abandoned town of Thundertree, had lead and army of cultists against Phandalin in a surprise raid. The cultists attacked quickly and without mercy. Venomfang himself took to destroying the town and anyone who attempted to offer resistance or flee. His power was unexpected and terrible to behold.

None of this made sense. How could a young green dragon amass so much power so quickly?

Adrie contacted Hamon, the old necromancer, and discovered that Venomfang was possessed by the spirit of an old foe of Hamon and Ro Ron Del. Trafalgar, a dark necromancer and former wizard in the inner circle of the Pact of Phandelver, had returned and possessed Venomfang to get revenge on the two remaining wizards who opposed him long ago.

Hamon instructed the remaining party members to gather on the summit of Ro Ron Del’s tribe and go over their options. Ro Ron Del brought forth a daring plan to send the party members back in time one month to try and stop Trafalgar from possessing Venomfang.

As the ritual began Trafalgar and his cultist ascended the summit. Barbarians met them to try and delay as best they could. When the barbarian forces began to falter, Hamon stepped in directly with his zombie ogre ‘Tiny’ and met the cultists. As Hamon and ‘Tiny’ descended out of sigh down the path a tremendous explosion was heard and small pieces of “Tiny” began to rain around the summit top.

With time running out, Ro Ron Del called upon Carp to assist in delaying Trafalgar. Carp met the dragon in single combat and wrestled with him, holding the dragon at bay. The contest was slowly leaning in the dragon’s favor however and Carp’s golem body began to crack and shatter. Just as Carp’s leg gave way and Trafalgar began to press forward a voice was heard from the cavern behind Ro Ron Del and the ritual. “I’ll help you master!”, cried Lunko as he attempted to assist Ro Ron Del in the time travel ritual.

That was the last thing the party heard or saw before blacking out.

Searos and the party’s new barbarian found themselves in an enchanted grove at midnight witnessing a dark elf ritual to the goddess Eilistraee. A goddess deceased now for almost 500 years.

Giluvian and Djerik found themselves outside of the city of Phandalin. A city which bore little resemblance to the Phandalin they remembered. The decided to visit the town and seek out Mercyshade, the dryad of the grove, which resided inside the city walls. Djerik was carrying the sword of Lord Trescendar and upon being noticed was arrested by Lord Trescendar’s wife. She suspected foul play and stated that Lord Trescendar had not been seen or heard from in a few days since leaving the city on patrol. Giluvian and Djerik are being held in prison until this can be resolved.

Adrie found herself outside a modest town with a wizard tower. She heard a voice coming from the communication stone in her pocket and listened to the voice of an excited young man. Adrie responded to the man through the speaking stone and caused some confusion between him and his sister. The young man was Hamon Koss, a transmutation mage. He looked so young and alive compared to the version of Hamon that Adrie had been accustomed to seeing in her travels. Hamon had created the speaking stones to keep in contact with his pregnant sister Lana. Adrie tried to explain herself but Hamon and Lana were suspicious. They asked her to stay behind and visit Agatha the divination mage the following day.

Captain China found himself asleep in the comfortable bed. Upon waking he noticed his bed was inside of a locked room. He screamed and raised a racket before a young human woman addressed him through the door. She identified herself as “Dixie” and began to ask him how he came to appear in the middle of the Pact of Phandelver. Captain China informed her that he “knew her boss” and she left. She returned with her boss, Ro Ron Del. A younger and more innocent version of the old Half-orc wizard that Captain China had encountered in his travels. Ro Ron Del stared patiently and asked Captain China to tell him what he knew about Trafalgar.


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